"Enjoy the disgusting, politically incorrect world of..."

The text on the back of Gay Nazi Dolphins at a Gang Bang 
by Oliver Ottitsch, Holzbaum Verlag, Vienna 2015.

- and the cover drawing for the very same
collection of cartoons by Oliver Ottitsch

That ultimate one. The question of how humor occurs has been explained through history as a play with interference, inversion, repetition, the unexpected, confusion, parallelism, incongruence or contrasting.

In other words the meeting of two elements, independent of each other; two types of activities for instance, which are contrasted and from which emerges a third element, the reaction from seeing the contrast of the two.

Oliver Ottitsch calls that reaction a catharsis.

Catharsis is the yellow pus that springs from a wound, when it bursts, in his words.

His cartoons stays at that very moment of the yellow pus bursting forward while innocence is at once still intact and already hurt. There is no catharsic cleansing in his drawn universe. That version was undressed by Adorno as a piece of Kunstmythologie, a mythology of art. Rather, liberation is to be found in the disruption of the hegemony when that, which social mores forbid to be even wondered at and not at all uttered, has just happened.

From Oliver Ottitsch, Gay Nazi Dolphins at a Gang Bang.

From Oliver Ottitsch, Gay Nazi Dolphins at a Gang Bang.

As airy as each cartoon appears to be, often with a mass of white plane undisturbed beyond that of the confrontation taking place, they are founded in a point of beginning from where their story unfolds. The black of the mourners is the take off above, which is spiralled high up in the sky making for a blast to undermine all longing for comfort and hope.

Oliver Ottitsch incorporates a physical delay leading the eye of the beholder across the picture plane of which the winding queue is of course the most classic of all and all the sadder in that the continuation of the animal species are to be used for economical gain of the one person, who was given the responsibility of 
- well, everything...

Oliver Ottitsch, Gay Nazi Dolphins at a Gang Bang
The slogan on the side of the van says "Noah's Meats"

The cartoons shown are courtesy of Oliver Ottitsch and must not be reproduced without his permission.

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