Evening came on, the last evening of the year

Hans Christian Andersen. Bob Katzenelson asked me to credit Hans Christian as the author of course of The Little Match Girl. She had not sold a match all day and was dreaming herself away while igniting the very items she was supposed to sell. At the dawn of the new year she was found frozen to death in a corner formed by two houses.

She is of a long tradition of round-eyed children, whose lack of the most basic needs in life awakens our do-good-insistency at that one time of the year. Bob has added the very layer of danger to that equation reaching out from our own angle: the helping hands.

Those two are the very reason we had a social reform in Denmark in 1933, a constitutional infrastructure securing basic social security and rights for everyone. Philantropy is a dangerous business to the destitutes. There is no mercy, if the wrong hands get to you. The pointing hand and the grapping one, both carefully gloved.

Poverty is indeed the worst form of violence.

Bob Katznelson, Ice cold calculation. Homeless people are in high demand in December. 
It provides you with a better social profile helping those who are vulnerable.
December 12, 2014:

- I saw her first!
- No, I did!

The cartoon shown is courtesy of Bob Katzenelson and must not be reproduced without his permission.

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