"Don't be late, Dodo!"

Doaa Eladl, October 23, 2014.

- her father is shouting after Dodo, who answers back that "If I am not hit by a car, or smashed by a door or a window won't fall on me, I'll be back on time!"

This may be an all too poignant way of saying goodbye to a protagonist in Doaa Eladl's work, unless...

Let me give the word to Tony Daoud, who translated the above and stated the situation in Egypt in a few words and so much better than I could ever do:

"Her father and the cat are crying as if they already know she may be late or not coming back. This should never be a daily conversation.

Doaa Eladl is showing us other sides of the story. Or the consequences. The emotional and psychological consequences. And the effects of every incident on daily behavior.

I guess at the moment most Egyptians are scared from getting arrested just because... So maybe you will be late against your own will".

His words were all the more accentuated when Doaa Eladl in the very same minutes published her drawn analysis on the hanging on Reyhaneh Jabbari by the black haloed, black headdressed Iranian priesthood despite all attempts to pardon her:

Doaa Eladl, October 29, 2014.

As Tony had just said "not coming back is against our wish".

The cartoons shown are courtesy of Doaa Eladl and must not be reproduced without her permission. And a very special thank you to Tony for his words!

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