Destitutes for Sale

On the eve of the Tunisian elections yesterday, Zwewla put up this banner:

Zwewla, October 27, 2014.

Destitutes for Sale: Poverty. Unemployment. Marginalization. Torture.
Contact: #TNelections.

Torture placed in direct association with the social situation. As it happened the election meant a return of the already known from the times of Ben Ali and no less even of the first president Bourgiba. Thus the already known in the situation of the poor.

Zwewla, detail of the banner shown above

Based on the stencil "Blindness" by the graffiti group Icy and Sot, it is one of the strongest faces we have seen from Zwewla with grey shadowing creating the illusion of bright light onto the face. Which is in turn broken by the undefined red smeared across his eyes. He is doing his best to be able to look out. The problem is not to be found from within the poor.

Please note that this is a banner and not a mural. Zwewla is already awaiting yet another judicial outcome from commenting on the situation of the poor on public walls.

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