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"I am forever dead from a death... that was not mine".

Cintia Bolio was in Copenhagen on invitation of the Danish Cartoonists to lead a workshop with Siri Dokken. When I took leave of Cintia on her final evening in town, she was nervous for my being alone in the street at night, insisting that I should take a taxi and that I should call her as soon as I was safe at home. As women we all recognize her concern, but this time it was furthermore a corner to an insight into the deadly situation of Mexican women. International organisations speak not only of women murdered in Mexico, but of their being violently murdered.

Let us give the word to Cintia Bolio in an interview she and I did for the Danish comics online magazine Cintia Bolio, a Danish workshop and a Mexican one. Please share the objectives for your teaching with us:

On my workshops I tell the men among the participants: "I am the mother of a boy, of a man. Don't be afraid. We feminists do not want to take away not even one of your rights. For many generations …


Delaying is an ever-fundamental topic in cartoon composition. One of the arguments against visual media as a place for intelligent dialogue is due to the all-at-once presence of the picture plane. Researchers will furthermore state how our eyes flicker to and fro all over the plane at once, making any roadmap futile as to what is seen and when within a composition.

Yet, there is a much longer story to this. In the present cartoon by Bonil, the fearful shaking question at the top attracts our attention. He is the frailty of life, he is us essentially. His question directs us to a danger beyond the door, postponing the taking in of the other speech bubble present. This one in bold writing, presenting itself with grandiosity at the length of the picture plane, having the means of knowing no barriers.

The drug politics in Ecuador have been showing off its muscles to the outer world in later years, the severity of which we have before us. And yes, we have the full picture plane immediately…

It Has Been Proven

In the beginning was a work of art. 
Work of art as in made by human hand from some form of necessity. Humans have always given form to what is most sacred to them.
Our ancestors knew. From Venus of Willendorf stems the world. Or to be more precise: Her rebel uterus is the All-Seeing Eye from where everything stems. 
Cintia Bolio has given us the full portrait, of which we have so far had only scattered and contradictory remnants and all of them told to us with great fear. We have been forbidden to even see what is now before us. From the Ten Commandments to Facebook too. 
To stress that it took a cartoonist to give it to us, Cintia Bolio's signature firm line of the pen swiping across the subject is this time an eyebrow, confirming the act of the cartoonist, while lifting said eyebrow to us humans how we could forget even for a moment. 

The cartoon shown is courtesy of Cintia Bolio and must not be reproduced without her permission.

A Wish for March

The beauty of a cartoon made into a tangible entity to be worn. May each March likewise find women closer to realising their goal.

The Tale of Two Foreheads

The Venezuelans are at the edge of life's existence. They are dying slowly and painfully from starvation and there is no action taken to prevent it. They are dying from their government's lack of ability to manage the country in spite of its having one of the richest oil reserves in the world. Corruption and poor management on all levels reign supreme with President Nicolas Maduro as the present face of the state of the matter. 
So Bonil places the moral dilemma before us: Is there a difference, an asymmetry between doing and allowing harm? Is allowing starvation to take place possibly on par with causing it? 
Bonil refuses to give answers. 
That is a strength of his art. Instead - because there is an asymmetry between refining a statement and closing it with an answer - he is critically laying out, who does and who does not and he for his part does so with painful clarity using opposing drawing techniques. The cry out for help remains enclosed on the screen in the hammock wi…
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