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A Cartoonist for Prime Minister, Please

This morning Louise Thrane Jensen was announced the winner of a contest on the best idea to develop that street in the hippie freetown of Christiania in central Copenhagen, which has till now been known as Pusher Street.

In the past decades the drug market in Pusher Street has largely been run by biker gangs and following a shooting incident with the police recently, the freetownies decided this was it and cleared the street of its stalls.

Christiania is a sore spot in the eyes of politicians and a major tourist attraction. Such is the paradoxes of this world, and the ideas put forward were mainly in the domain of selling ecological produce, creating for a new type of market street and a lovely idea at that; only it would soon land Christiania as an upmarket urban living area, which is everything they originally rebelled against.

It took a cartoonist of course to come up with the solution, as simple as it is beautiful:

An immensely long table. A table spanning the (or at least a grea…

"Do go on, Peter!"

Those two are the perfect combination: Louise Thrane Jensen has drawn the life and work of Peter Lautrop for the about to be-book on cartoonists to be titled Tegnere Tegner Tegnere (alas, untranslatable without losing the cadence of the Danish title: "Cartoonists Draw Cartoonists") 
The cartoons of Louise and Peter both oozes INK, actually and digitally, with a tactile presence to the line. Their line is at once explicit as it embraces everything, rooted as it is in an insistence on what is good in the world from a knowledge that said world is usually anything but.

Teddy bears are good. Cats too. Beings who cannot be corrupted; they just turn their back to evil and go their own way. They are even inviolable in a graphic sense. Each of them constitutes a visual entity. 
Goodness consequently has an actual presence and what is more, teddy bears act. The room usually taken up by the noise of evil is counteracted with beings, which are inviolable and indestructible. Their softne…

A Critical Pietà

At first sight she seems to be bestowing food to the destitute; yet they are left with mere crumbs and in the epiphany of the one from the other lies the core of the discussion of the Canonization of Mother Teresa.
A critical pietà! Vasco Gargalo has not only achieved to fuse the ideality of her life's work with the reality of it; she is rendered in stark angles, perfecting the faithful sunken in prayer. 

The cartoon shown is courtesy of Vasco Gargalo and must not be reproduced without his permission.

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