The Faces of Nicaragua

Pedro X. Molina, Francisco Javier Reyes Zapata, October 30, 2019.

"They are hitmen. They are genocidal. And the persons in charge are Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo", Francisco's mother said after his murder. 

Pedro X. Molina has continued his Inktober of last year on the students killed in April 2018-protests. This year he has drawn the young, who were killed, when they took part in the Mother's Day march in May 2018 demanding justice for the loss of their children the month before. The young are looking directly at us framed by a presentation of them. Last year there was still an element of poetry to their interaction with an attribute that symbolized their dreams for the future that had been lost. This year the emphasis is on their portrait; full face, classical portraits. Pedro X. Molina is making us their witnesses. 

A year has passed and their murderers go as yet unpunished. Francisco was killed by a bullet through his right eye, for which reason his mother declared: "They are already hitmen, they know how to shoot and they have the experience to kill".

Pedro X. Molina, July 2, 2019:
"How are we diabolical? At the order of our government we come to Mass EVERY SUNDAY!

Pedro X. Molina speaks in no uncertain terms. He is using the picture plane to document the truth so that it cannot be revoked. This is it. The pro-governmental paramilitants shall be seen, if not by their faces, then for their actions. They are not random government supporters, but highly organized groups, drawn so that their actions form a continuum across his cartoons in the same way that they are systematically taking out their opponents. 

It is as unbearable to see as it is meant to. There is no cover for the spectator either. 

Pedro X. Molina, July 24, 2019:
The speech bubble of the international community reads: "Our priorty is to guarantee that the human rights are respected".

Meanwhile another representative of the youth of Nicaragua, the daughter of Ortega and Murillo, Camila Ortega, invited 13 "international fashion designers" to her fashion show.

The meat of memes, as Pedro X. Molina stated, except her family system is the face behind the slaughter of their countrymen.

Pedro X. Molina, The Devil Wears Prada, October 30, 2019.

The cartoons shown are courtesy of Pedro X. Molina: PLEASE SHARE THEM.

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