It Has Been Completed

Angel Boligán, No Comment, April 14, 2019.

Yes! Yes, of course! This is a cartoon completing an image and all the more forceful for not straying from its original content. An image known so well that the original is all but depleted of content, but Angel Boligán proves the strength of cartooning that there is always a new layer and another angle to a subject. 

The punch in the precision of his cartoon is hitting us all the stronger in that The Second Adam was always meant to be executed and his life taken by the powerful; the two forces that are creating the axis before us on the picture place. 

That Second Adam just makes for a backdrop to their deal, leaning outwards and away.

Job done. The prophecy has been fulfilled. Humankind has but to voice with the crucified: 

"Why have you forsaken me?"

The cartoon shown is courtesy of Angel Boligán and must not be reproduced.

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