Sometimes All Is Right

Zunar, Malaysian News, May 15, 2018.
The opposition released from prison, where Najib placed them,
 to take on the new leadership after the election.
Najib and his wife are in turn on their way to (eventual) prison.

Sometimes it happens. Sometimes the world becomes just a little bit of a better place even if it seems almost too good to be true, when the right and the good are proven to be right and good.

The travel ban against Zunar is now placed on the former Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak and his wife Rosmah Mansor. They fell from power following the general election this month and are now under investigation for their billion-dollar scale fraud. They are likely to be indicted, to put it politely.

Let us just take a sentence out to note that this Malaysian reality is a warning to other demagogues:

Zunar, Transformations! May 15, 2018.

Zunar, March 14, 2018.
- all of the protagonists weighing down the citizen.
 - and let us on this blog highlight him, whose courage for years have placed him in a position, where we worried for his safety and livelihood and yet he did not hesitate.

When Zunar was the most pressured, he had the mental strength to continually change his approach to make the highest impact, such as in light of the general election to place his focus on what the fraud meant to the citizens in their daily life.

Najib is drawn without any interest in his own person. He is a type. Zunar created him, his wife and their fellow fraudulent characters into archetypes of a mythology on greed and abuse of power. The bling-carat ring took on a life of its own too. The fraudsters in power created a normalcy as the official faces of Malaysia, and Zunar let them be seen for what they were actually doing.

In later years there has been a recurring academic debate whether we can even measure the impact of imagery in public spaces. That any talk of impact is a rosy-nostalgic fiction created in the aftermath on images that were just out there in the noise of daily life, perhaps noticed, but hardly seen and not enough to even begin to speak of any effect. The debate is but one approach to the age-old smirk at imagery, but let us just point to last week's affirmation by the former Director of US National Intelligence, James Clapper that the Drumpf had not won the 2016-presidential election had it not been for the work of the Russians. It is just the one indicator on how influence works, but let us accentuate that influence has presence and it can go either way.

Zunar's mythology unfolded corruption so that corruption had a place to be seen for its true apparition.

He was so intellectually astute that he continually developed and even changed his focus, such as placing the perspective on the rakyat, the Malaysian people, when he felt it was time to do so. His was never a one-eyed intention; it was a highly creative composing a mythology, however the sad fact that it had a reality. It never turned into a vendetta.

Zunar, September 2016
- a prediction on what is now a reality.
Anwar and Mahathir are at long last the new political leaders.

As always with the cartoons of Zunar: Please, let them be seen as far and widely as possible and in particular: please spread the good news in case it shall make other demagogues concerned.

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