"Let us continue to ask the question"

Thank you for the first seven years of Willis from Tunis in our lives: Happy Birthday, Willis! and sorry, I am a day late, my laptop broke down yesterday...

Nadia Khiari, December 6, 2016:
"Lawyers refuse to pay more taxes.
- If all our money is taken, then how shall
we buy the judges?"
Two centuries ago
Honoré Daumier addressed
the very same problem...

Nadia Khiari quoted the cyber dissident Zouhayer Yahyaoui, when she was in Copenhagen last year.

Yahyaoui was imprisoned in 2002, where he suffered torture and humiliation, causing his all too early death in 2005 while on conditional release. He was imprisoned for writing the sentence:

"In your opinion, is Tunisia a republic, a kingdom, a zoo, a prison or nothing?"

To which Khiari concluded: "Let us continue to ask the question". 

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