Cartoonists Are The Mothers Of The World

Meysam Agha Seyed Hosseini, September 29, 2017.

"I love artists and cartoonists because they are wise with a good nature. I think they are the mothers of the world because their messages could feed people for years. The cartoonists are one of the most important arms of social awareness without any demands". 

The words are by Meysam Agha Seyed Hosseini, whom is an Iranian cartoonist living in exile in Turkey. Turkey is a place just as dangerous to him and a petition has been made as call to the UN Secretary General. The petition can be signed here.

Meysam Agha Seyed Hosseini, November 4, 2017.

The main part of this post is his own words from a challenge he gave me to challenge him

"I love challenge and concepts. Art is derived from life and its flames have stretched the heavens. We should breathe the feeling into concepts, pencils, love until Zenith to be met as well as God breathe life into human beings. The creation should be up-to-date in order to prevent any forgetfulness. Concept is our common language and the art should be dived into minds if artists do their job well".

From here on I shall let his beautiful words speak for themselves. They are a rare in their clarity on the creation and understanding of life through art. For that reason this post is featuring his cartoons from the past two months on the nib of the cartoonist's pen as the center of existence and the danger that entails to the cartoonist. For one thing, speaking of God:

"The human is the greatest creator. I don’t know why he looks for the creator in the skies". 

"These statements are considered as blasphemy in my country and several times I have used them in my cartoons and work, thus I was threatened and exiled. But how is it possible to make a contrast of birth and death? The distance between these two is avoidance, in my opinion. Avoidance of life, eternity and creation. Avoidance of everything". 

Meysam Agha Seyed Hosseini, October 5, 2017.

"Art is a nature of human beings. Life is full of artistic taste. We re-create ourselves every day. We make love and believe in religion. We understand the color and we create it every moment in our eyes as in a loving way as more romantic. We see the lines and transplant it with our feeling. We can find the unforeseen shapes. We can feel the pain because we have experienced the moments of death. We know death because we create reality". 

Meysam Agha Seyed Hosseini, October 22, 2017.

"We use a blade to shave, but it can also be used as a means of the greatest stupidities. This is the art of creation. The art of existence in secret. We should blossom through death again and again to realize that art is not separable from the truth. You should know the path, know the style, and should quaff the climax. At that moment you can claim that you are inspired by and from within knowledge, inspired by the sunrise and sunset, by flying and freedom…" 

"Sometimes you need to become a lunatic, but in this world’s term, and then at the peak of the fool's madness, create the finest, purest and the most precious of all and watch it flourish in the world and in the truth and conclude the inspiration. At that moment, you should experience and taste the sweetness and artistic taste of inspiration". 

"Cooperation and group work is basically awesome, but there are times that you reach a point that either the world does not dare to hear the truth or man does not dare to tell the truth. Here is where you become lonely. Suddenly everybody leaves and you become abandoned. I like to work with everyone. I love group work as a way to growth and flourishing". 

Meysam Agha Seyed Hosseini, October 5, 2017.

"We are against war because we forget ignorance and we believe in peace because it’s the most inspirational of human dignity. We know the light and we fight darkness. We found ourselves here better. I am inspired from the ultra-reality and I draw whatever I get. This is the bitter truth of the forced exiled. We can pinpoint shapes with the bitter truth and create an image with sarcasm". 

"Cartoons are used in many different ways in the world and each has a definite definition, But I believe that cartooning is the expression of truth in the language of sarcasm". 

Meysam Agha Seyed Hosseini, Immortality,
October 30, 2017.

"I have not studied arts and drawing and have not taken any course in this field. I used to scribble when I was child, and my mother took my hand to draw. I came to choose it as my job".

"My mother created me and I created the spirit of art in my mind. Man is a creator, and I feed myself and the world with my creations. I want to immortalize pure ideas as well as I can create and promote them by cartoons". 

"My artistic inspiration derives from the passage of moments. The globe is shouting death, and I immortalize my outcry through my writings and paintings. I believe that pure ideas are precious and our lives should be spent for their sake". 

Meysam Agha Seyed Hosseini, Human history will be written on the brave,
October 18, 2017.

"You should close your eyes and flow in the absolute darkness and die. You should observe the talents inside you at the height of disability, wait for the hunt, and in silence and expectation wait for the glow, and then you should follow the path to the blazing star".

"However, I won’t ever be able to reach it, because upon reaching it, either it perishes or I shall perish. What a profound world, everything dies in it except for the moment of beginning. This was how I began drawing".

Meysam Agha Seyed Hosseini, November 2, 2017.

The cartoons shown are courtesy of Meysam Agha Seyed Hosseini and must not be reproduced without his permission.

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