Peace For Our Time

Niels Bo Bojesen, Peace for our time: EU reassured about US relations after
talks with Pence. February 21, 2017.

The speed with which the statesmanship of Trump is proving its non-existence, long having crossed the line of a criminal act, the man above might have taken over the presidency by the time this is published.

Unless Mike Pence proves to be as entangled in the authoritarian web, which is more than likely, as exposed by Niels Bo Bojesen.

That line above the eyes. That line from shoulder pad to shoulder pad. A secret service agent stepping forward. His boss may be scary for anyone with a working brain. No. 2 in line is no less so in his own capacity.

Niels Bo Bojesen proves yet again that he draws a mean portrait, one of the reasons for which he is awarded this year's Pentel Prisen as Danish Cartoonist Of The Year. He is an internationally recognized cartoonist, whose main working tool is clarity.

Clarity comprises in just the one word 1) freedom i.e. free from confusion or being in the dark, 2) light in the meaning of being lucid, and 3) translucence by way of creating understanding. All of which is at the core in the art of Niels Bo Bojesen.

He uses symbols, pieces of imagery that are already a given such as the sentence above, which is as iconic as any image, or The Stars and Stripes in the one underneath. Clear-cut, well-known imagery, the visuals of which are not seen in or for itself, but as a short cut to a cluster of meanings. Only, all is not well in the world, and Niels Bo Bojesen shakes up its clarity for us to see anew.

Shaken, but never broken. Niels Bo Bojesen is not a defeatist. On the contrary he is creating lucidity as a means to create understanding.

After all, within the lifesaver from within the flag are human fingers. 

Niels Bo Bojesen, Facts, February 7, 2017.


The cartoons shown are courtesy of Niels Bo Bojesen and must not be reproduced without his permission.

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