"Help, oh please help! My inferiors are contradicting me!"

Bonil, August 29, 2016.
- My lady Judge, help!
- I want protection because my inferiors are contradicting me!
"The President of Ecuador requests an Action of Protection against The Disciplinary Committee, which did not sanction the military when it answered an email"

Khamenei has joyously tweeted from Iran that Trump is revealing the true face of the US for all to see. "This is the very reason I have not drawn Trump", as Kianoush Ramezani stated soon after, seeing how any joke on Trump could be taken as supporting the present Iranian political system.

It is a fair point to make in that cartoonists are constantly struggling not to end up endorsing their adversaries and there is never the one right or wrong way to go about it. There is one thing to be said, though, concerning the habits of the new president:

Bonil, April 14, 2016.
- I demand these journalists to reveal the whole truth!
- But we have done that for nine years...but you drag us into court
Considering his thin skin, threatening everyone with lawsuits of a magnitude no one can possibly even think of paying should they lose and consequently the risk of journalists stepping back from taking that risk - still cartoonists have so far been ignored by him.

One reason may be the plethora of creativity on paper on his person. There are simply too many for him to know where to look first. Then again, the minute he sues the first and presumably American cartoonist, this profession too shall have to think twice.

Bonil, February 11, 2017.
"Cartoonists shall keep their mouths shut"
Yet, if anything cartoonists know his sort. For one, his twin in spirit has been the president of Ecuador for the past 10 years.

It is remarkable how the portrayal of
Rafael Trump, sorry Correa could be the one or the other as Bonil has demonstrated before us.

The word "lying" is a central notion to both of them. Their presidencies are declared to be traumatized by the constant "lying". Everything is about their portrayal in the press, shouting on the "dishonesty" of the same press that is making it impossible for them to govern as they desire.

Dissenting is the very heart of democracy and so the thinner skin the less of a democrat. Among the sore skinned we find the despots.

Bonil, January 31, 2016.
- Supporters---Support
Come on... insult him!
Correa demanding a twitter storm against Bonil, 
The despot is he of all who knows what it takes to throw someone from power. His means of survival is constantly listening for signs of voices, any voices that are not his. His sole intent is to stay in power. He  has no wish to create by way of his position.

His reign is nothing but a long wait, as Italo Calvino described in The King Listens. The more a new ruler demands changes to be made everywhere, he is painfully aware that this is exactly what the ones did, who came before him and that he too shall be obliterated from memory the instant he is gone. Voices are forced into silence, which are feared they may speak up and so a solid silence descends in the throne room, only to make the ears of the ruler guess at sounds hardly there, which might indicate his demise.

The ruler cannot win either way and so he is making a noise of his own which is all the more boisterous. Calvino's king is eventually drawn into freedom to the voices of the world outside his palace. We have no reason to expect any intellectual understanding of that kind from either of the presidents before us. On the contrary Correa found one such alleged "spy" in the journalist and oil activist, Fernando Villacencio, who since requesting investigations into certain actions of the government has been convicted to pay the amount written on the piggy bank to President Correa for the insults inflicted on the president.

Villacencio is in hiding and has declared bankruptcy with his family and friends attempting to find the money to make it possible for him to return to his life. Bonil too was fined for drawing the police in the home of Villacencio.

This is the very situation we fear the most. We have seen Trump in the most impossible of transformations from hot air balloons to the feces of elephants and they are all great, but triumphing from having abused the legal system to silence the press is the most haunting of imagery.

Only, it implies Correa was caught in the act. We have now all seen that self-congratulatory tongue of greed within his very own mouth.

This shall be the epitaph on his presidency.

Bonil, February 1, 2017.
Villacencio pays the fine for "insults" to the President.

The cartoons shown are courtesy of Bonil and must not be reproduced without his permission.

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