The Materialization of a Yes

Helle Scheffmann, April 9, 2016: The sketch.

It was rather magic that summer's day in 1999, when Eva Bendix called the director at The Royal Library in Copenhagen to ask if he would be interested in taking on the originals of cartoons for a museum of Danish cartoon art.

He said yes on the spot.

The sun had been baking until moments before the call. The sky turned black and heavy rain was howling down on all sides of us to a degree that there was no signal and the sunroof had to be opened. Moments later the birds were singing and the sun was baking once again and the drama of minutes ago had evaporated as had our anticipation of the one answer securing a home for cartooning in Denmark. Yes? We are off? It worked? We were so happy.

Helle Scheffmann has done the impossible for the Copenhagen Comics challenge soon to be transformed into a book. This was a scene of people seeking refuge in a car in a huge, empty car park, with loads of rain outside and quite a bit of it trickling inside from the sunroof. Boooring. And yet, it was not and Helle has wrought the car open, using the props as tokens to that call connecting to an objective beyond our own lives. The magic of the moment...


Helle Scheffmann, April 17, 2016: The finished drawing.

The cartoons shown are courtesy of Helle Scheffmann and must not be reproduced without her permission.

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