"and together it is a good line"

The concentrated light of a street kitchen reminds me of a very special movie:

Niels Larsen, Vienna, December 2015.

The scene comes from Der Himmel über Berlin (Wings of Desire) by Wim Wenders, in which the protagonist Gabriel is an angel, who longs to become a human. Humans have senses, they see colors, they sense warmth, and Peter Falk plays himself, a former angel, who senses Gabriel's (invisible to humans) presence and tells him, what he is missing. There is such a thing as drawing for instance; the sheer physical joy of drawing a line:

"You pick a pencil
and you make a dark line
then you make a light line
and together it is a good line"

The photo shown is courtesy of Niels Larsen and must not be reproduced without his permission.

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