The Ping Awards 2015

Photo: Niels Larsen.

Photo: Niels Larsen.
At this weekend's Copenhagen Comics Niels and the creator of Cowboy Henk Herr Seele were playing around to great pictorial effect.

Henk is a comic's character, who is as literal in his definition of the world as he is drawn. When reading Kierkegaard, Henk is of course grapping the head of the philosopher and reading off his brain. Henk is never short of a solution to the obstacles he is met with, which makes for a clear-cut graphical effect on the page furthered by a surface of solid colors.

Henk personifies the state of immanence in Kierkegaard's terminology, undressing the wacky ways of civilization while he himself remains unperturbed. Reading Either Or might turn out to be his most dangerous enterprise to date, putting his immanence at risk, but since he is reading with one eye closed, his brain shall probably remain untouched by the duality laid before him.

Cowboy Henk is finally to be found in Danish too, for which Herr Seele was awarded the very same evening at this year's Ping Awards:

Photo: Niels Larsen.

Among the awards given there is one of particular interest to this blog, The Cartoonist of The Year and Lars Andersen was the awardee:

Photo: Niels Larsen.
Lars Andersen, December 2, 2013.
- It was Svendsen, who came up with the idea
Technology runs everywhere in Lars Andersen's works. Cars, busses and trains transformed by his softly trembling coal line, slightly blurry, as coal tends to be. The softness is underlined by his storylines on innocence in the midst of modern life. 

Such as the reddening of joy of the technician, who came up with the idea of connecting train wagons of that new type of trains, IC4 from Italy, known for their inability to actually be of use. The sign reads "Aalborg cancelled" - that is just about the whole country being unconnected. 

Lars Andersen, October 18, 2014.
- I don't think Dan Jørgensen will be too happy about that, Futte!
Technology of any kind means infrastructure down to the one plug and the many meters of cord to a reading light. The Minister for Food Dan Jørgensen pulled through a law against sodomizing animals since it was already implicitly illegal and easier than changing the wellbeing of livestock in the farming industry. Futte was the dog of Gitte Skov, may his soul rest in peace. 

Lars Andersen, August 2, 2013.
Women are said to fall for men with humor
- I do the daily drawing at page 2 of Berlingske


Photo: Niels Larsen.

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