Ducks to Water

The Ducks by Jørn Villumsen have amassed quite an interest lately and it is indeed high time to see how they are doing.

They are fine. In fact, never better:

Jørn Villumsen, Watergate, October 28, 2014.
Copenhagen have to get used to being the Venice of the North several times a year. 

At least for as long as the rain continues. The littlest one is still in trouble, but the century-old sturdy fishermen of the paintings of Michael Ancher have arisen and they are doing a better job coping with the traffic than the police lately.

The sheep in Jutland on the other hand have gone into hiding. The wolf has returned to Denmark and Jørn Villumsen has of course portrayed all 11 of them. A new danger howls at every velvety hilltop if the media should be believed; note their sharp glittery clarity contrary to the worn townscape:

Jørn Villumsen, July 13, 2014.

The cartoons shown are courtesy of Jørn Villumsen and must not be reproduced without his permission.

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