Confrontation: "To face in defiance or hostility"

The very idea of a picture plane is a confrontation with its beholder. And if the picture plane happens to strike first, it has every chance of winning the encounter. Case in point:

Nadia Khiari: WillisFromTunis, October 15, 2011.
"Yesterday on Friday, October 14, Tunisia celebrated World Mental Health Day!"
- Stop laughing, you biiitch!

Willis wins hands down every time. His insolence blocks our view, while his voice is embodied in the firm certainty of the line, throwing exclamation marks at us. The latter is even build into his favorite insolence of all with the three added i's.

Willis is the epitome of how everyone began talking and was talking incessantly after the revolution, as Nadia Khiari has emphasized. He has lately had a French alter ego. "The neo-modern expression of exasperation" according Le Bonjour Tristesse himself, whose confrontational monologues takes on the outraged character, that insane uncle, we have all had, using the rage as an excuse for speaking at lightning speed. Pictorially he undresses French culture by each time including one or two clichés. This is his latest outrage, mes copains:

- this time he actually nearly ran out of breath

In Danish he would be called a Jeronimus, the character, who was given a voice by Ludvig Holberg in the play Mascarade in 1724, and in the early 20th century set to music by Carl Nielsen. In the vein of Pantalone, a Jeronimus is the constantly complaining grump, who whines for the times, when there was no tea, no chocolate, no coffee companies, and certainly not the masquerades. Peace is no more, as he sings, concluded with aching emphasis in Danish on the double f's of Freden er forbi. Because the worst has taken place, in the masquerade...

All are equal!

Democratic ideas are by their very definition near impossible to depict, so the voice of exasperation, the outraged and the bully with each their simplifications at hand verbalize the positive undercurrents, giving them visibility. Another case in point this time with full view all the way to his uvula:

The Fatwa of the Day according to Yahia Boulahia:
"Tunisia adopts its new Constitution"
- The Constitution of Shame.
You turn your back on the Divine Book for a rag written by humans.

He is no longer the slick Self-Righteous he used to be. He is all saliva and sweat, not to mention his shiny forehead. Too much equality ahead?

Even so, the new constitution still leaves much to be desired. Censorship is not a thing of the past, and so there are times, when silence becomes a very direct comment, this one is from Willis' first months of existence:

Nadia Khiari, WillisFromTunis, April 19, 2011.
The reason for Willis' silence these past days:
- When I have nothing interesting to say, I keep my mouth shut!

Since the word here is confrontation, let us not relax the level now and so in giving the final words to Le Bonjour Tristesse:

Une bonne semaine de merde à vous!

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