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The Faces of Nicaragua

"They are hitmen. They are genocidal. And the persons in charge are Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo", Francisco's mother said after his murder. 
Pedro X. Molina has continued his Inktober of last year on the students killed in April 2018-protests. This year he has drawn the young, who were killed, when they took part in the Mother's Day march in May 2018 demanding justice for the loss of their children the month before. The young are looking directly at us framed by a presentation of them. Last year there was still an element of poetry to their interaction with an attribute that symbolized their dreams for the future that had been lost. This year the emphasis is on their portrait; full face, classical portraits. Pedro X. Molina is making us their witnesses. 
A year has passed and their murderers go as yet unpunished. Francisco was killed by a bullet through his right eye, for which reason his mother declared: "They are already hitmen, they know how to shoot a…

200 years of Goldschmidt

When we speak of cartooning in its present iteration within magazines and newspapers, we tend to throw out its age as that of "100 years or thereabout".

Now it is time to throw out "200 years or thereabout", in that he who made it happen in Denmark, Meïr Aron Goldschmidt, was born 200 years ago on October 26.

Goldschmidt created the satirical magazine Corsaren in 1840, with its very first cartoon printed at the last page of the last edition of that very year. We had not thought, being but a toddler magazine that we would have to dress in armor, Goldschmidt would write looking back half a decade later.

It would be tough years of having entire editions seized by censorship, court cases, having to find someone on the street to pretend to be that week's editor in that he was barred from writing his own name, and a row with Kierkegaard to top it all off. Then again, Corsaren was outspoken and daring, taking on the crown and courts alike with the wit of the young an…

Goodness Uncorrupted

"I forgot one thing, the abuse of teddy bears"

Peter Lautrop sent me a thank you note following one of our discussions in 2010 while he was preparing a book on his Teddy Bear Liberation Army, which we have covered here and here, when a new generation of teddy bears took on the banner in Minsk, Belarus. Louise Thrane Jensen drew his life from the very beginning in 1944 for the book Tegnere Tegner Tegnere.

Writing this is the sad occasion of Peter's passing away on Saturday.

His passing makes the presence of his colossal oeuvre all the more compelling. Simple yet monumental in every line. Take the thank you note. It is drawn to the brim of the paper he had at hand to a degree that he had to tape in the words afterwards.

We had been talking about his life's work already done and here was a fresh new exemplar that went against all definitions we had just reached. This was Peter. He would of course break the mold of any definition, which in this instance was evil never s…
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