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The Immeasurable: The Heart

An organ and a symbol, which presumably is threadbare, nevertheless it is fresh and relevant every time we see it. There is such fresh pain in the attempt of sewing it back together above. The frailty of love is given a visual presence through the coarseness of what love is not - yet striving to succeed as embodied in the vertiginous perspective of the arm.

The organ, other words, which is key to the what, where and why of human life. No Anatomia Cartooniensa would be true to itself without it.

The curious thing about the shape of the heart is that it has two equally established configurations.

We have for one the symmetrical one above, mirroring itself along a central axis, which at once speaks of harmony, i.e. said symmetry, and its vulnerability, when broken along its axis.

To the right its counterpart gives the vertiginous arm an impossible task of its own, this time reason disciplining the anatomical heart. This one has been about since artists were explorers of pathology and wo…

The Immeasurable: The Mind

"The wing is the corporeal element which is most akin to the divine", Plato wrote.

THEY, who have understood and dared go beyond themselves will feel the itching of wings growing on their backs.

Wings are grown of the lover, the philosopher, the artist. The soul which has seen most of truth. The place home to the gods and otherwise so dangerous to come to near for their jealousy of competition. Theirs is the power to stab that scraggly human left in the dark.

It is of never ending amazement to the Anatomia Cartooniensa that we have an actual corporeal element on the human ability to think, to reflect and know passion into one. A piece of anatomy, which sweeps the hitherto earth-destined off the ground, yet remains physical of nature. The wings expand to the being, first announcing their presence by the itching of their growing pains. At no time do they take on an ethereal state.

This is a fact, which accentuates the very real capability of the brain as a place for immeasura…

The Immeasurable: The Soul

Do we have a soul?

That we cannot answer scientifically. Indeed science may be the wrong place to be asking from, according to the artists before us. The calculating eye will see a fission taking place. The release of energy, when cleaving into parts.

That is, however, only half the story. The one part will be invisible. The other shall perish. That is too neat to define life.

Life is in the fusion. The pain of opposites; amalgamated by high temperatures and made present by the dirty laws of gravitational pressure.

The separation while fighting for union, or the fission of fusion, is an explanation fully graspable in artistic terms. Impossible to be explained, it is right there before us in the fight for form.

The cartoons shown are courtesy of Marilena Nardi and must not be reproduced without her permission.

Sometimes All Is Right

Sometimes it happens. Sometimes the world becomes just a little bit of a better place even if it seems almost too good to be true, when the right and the good are proven to be right and good.

The travel ban against Zunar is now placed on the former Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak and his wife Rosmah Mansor. They fell from power following the general election this month and are now under investigation for their billion-dollar scale fraud. They are likely to be indicted, to put it politely.

Let us just take a sentence out to note that this Malaysian reality is a warning to other demagogues:

 - and let us on this blog highlight him, whose courage for years have placed him in a position, where we worried for his safety and livelihood and yet he did not hesitate.

When Zunar was the most pressured, he had the mental strength to continually change his approach to make the highest impact, such as in light of the general election to place his focus on what the fraud meant to the citizens…
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