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"Help, oh please help! My inferiors are contradicting me!"

Khamenei has joyously tweeted from Iran that Trump is revealing the true face of the US for all to see. "This is the very reason I have not drawn Trump", as Kianoush Ramezani stated soon after, seeing how any joke on Trump could be taken as supporting the present Iranian political system.

It is a fair point to make in that cartoonists are constantly struggling not to end up endorsing their adversaries and there is never the one right or wrong way to go about it. There is one thing to be said, though, concerning the habits of the new president:

Considering his thin skin, threatening everyone with lawsuits of a magnitude no one can possibly even think of paying should they lose and consequently the risk of journalists stepping back from taking that risk - still cartoonists have so far been ignored by him.

One reason may be the plethora of creativity on paper on his person. There are simply too many for him to know where to look first. Then again, the minute he sues the first …
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