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Due Diligence

Freedom, social justice and the right to take part. In one word: Dignity. People are taking to the streets all over the world and in some cases we have next to no access of information on what is taking place. Iraq is the prime example right now, and the blindness is all the more blatant for the violence with which the demonstrators are met.

The Iraqis are taking action, while we are being served passivity and as always other stories take up the spotlight. Such as the killing of IS-leader al-Baghdadi.

When we were preparing Khartoon! last year this cartoon of al-Baghdadi was in the running for a while to be included. It is elegant, giving a precise analysis of a person of not that much importance as scarecrows goes. He is just a noise screen to distract attention from a much larger problem.

The cartoon remained the odd one until he was finally taken out of the book: There was simply no right place for him. He did not add to the arc of the narrative and to return to my point when the…

The Chimera of Treason

Let it be seen. Let it be known how the betrayal of the Kurds in early October came about following a phone call between the Presidents Trump and Erdogan permitting the Turks to launch an offensive into northeast Syria that till then had been held by the Syrian Kurds fighting back IS with the support of the US. When the US troops were pulled out, the Kurds were left with no choice but to make a deal with Assad, the murderer of his own people, while the initiative was left in the no less bloodied hands of Putin and Erdogan.

International politics form bodies of leagues and alliances in which burdens are shared while everyone involved is given a reach beyond their own borders. When a betrayal takes place within that body its DNA is damaged.

That body is transformed into a chimera.

Burden is another word for responsibility. The one part of the chimean body is denying having any, but his limp red tie shall forever be linked to the part that carried his burden on her shoulders all along. …
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