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What Mad Pursuit?

The tales of the old gods - the Nordic and Greek alike - were on to something.

They speak of a number of gods of which some may be generally better behaved than others, but at some point each of them will reveal themselves to be spiteful, often vengeful, taking it out on the humans in the middle of it all.

Those were tales that explain our world today. While we look to one side mourning the terrorist act against two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand, another takes place in Utrecht, the Netherlands. We know and have seen already that extremist viewpoints will jump to take advantage of both massacres while the humans pay the prize.

Khalid Albaih has made the game as clear-cut as the wasp-waisted and sharp shouldered figures on a Grecian urn. The players bring elegance and beauty to the game while ignoring the results of their actions piling up into the usefulness of a net.

The cartoon shown is courtesy of Khalid Albaih.

To be continued

We will wait here while God of all Christian varieties search for proof on the original order from where today's legislation is formed around the world deciding on the female body.

Cintia Bolio goes right to the roots of the explanation exposing its shaky grounds from that place of honor usually reserved for the Only Son. Let the situation be seen that norms and their legislation is a major reason in today's world why complications from pregnancy and childbirth is the No. 1 cause of death among 15 to 19 year-old girls. 
Let their sacrifice be seen. Let their pain and death be known, and while God searches on, let us mark March 8 as the day for change to influence all days going forward. There is a lot to be done: Have a great International Women's Day!

The cartoons shown are courtesy of Cintia Bolio and must not be reproduced.

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