Jørn Villumsen, May 15, 2015. Detail of the cartoon right below.

Jørn Villumsen, May 15, 2015.

Jørn Villumsen, May 15, 2015. Detail of the cartoon above.

In the midst of the battle of the graffiti drones, the painting ones and the ones surveying those painting; let us enjoy the sheer delight of seeing the tower of the Copenhagen town hall with paint dripping from its cornices.

Note the shadowing on the building itself, mirroring the embrasures, making the red color plane come alive. Jørn Villumsen has tipped the tower and building toward each other, at long last uniting them visually. A dramatic one to boot, opening to an aerial perspective.

Let us zoom in on the littlest one of the ducks; the one who is always first being eaten, shot or run over. 

We just knew this one had it in him:

The cartoon shown is courtesy of Jørn Villumsen and must not be reproduced without his permission.

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