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Meet Valdemar Andersen

Even the signature of Valdemar Andersen (1875-1928) seems to be have been created of one floating line as if his pen never left the paper. Which is more or less the epitome of his oeuvre.

Floating line as in the delicacy of the it running and winding its way across different solids such as paper, fabric, porcelain or stone of his artworks, as well as in the easiness with which he seems to have jotted it out on paper and not least the amount of artworks Valdemar Andersen created despite being felled by leukemia, when he was but 53.

His signature is in this instance to be found at the one bottom corner of the poster announcing a poster exhibition at the monkey house at the Copenhagen Zoo in 1907. No one really knows nor cares which posters were to be found inside. This one was an instant hit. Even up close the yellow is at once a tangled mess of fur while being broad strokes of color so vibrant that they appear to be still wet. 
This is a poster inviting us by way of confrontation to bec…
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