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We Have a....

... coward. A crouching, hiding, creeping one. Creeping before anyone, who will bomb his country. He is a puppet of Putin. He is a puppet of everyone to whom it is of interest to use Syria as the black market of the world.
As such is he consistent. He has no moral, no courage, no one can even find him hiding underneath corner upon corner of pipes, from where he can send up a ghost-like message, using the pretender's favourite catchphrase these years.
There are always powers lusting for a black market. And he is still there.

The cartoon shown is courtesy of Fadi Abou Hassan/FadiToOn and must not be reproduced without his permission.


Media interest is the antithesis to logic. The greater the scale and the longer of duration, the less it shall be covered.

On the single human level the reason is dealing with the unbearable. It is a notion museums have been working with for decades when dealing with situations of the past that there has to be some redeeming element to its tale. Otherwise, if the thought of it becomes too much for the museum guest, then that person turns its back before even visiting the museum.

Then there is the now. We have to see it; see it in order to act. This is our time. This is what defines us.

Khalid Albaih lets the word Syria fade before us. Into extinction.

The cartoon series shown is courtesy of Khalid Albaih and must not be reproduced without his permission. To see more of his works, please visit:

Nonfunctional Stylistic Dynamism

They keep themselves on the alert in the role of turning the world inside out each new day. They handle the worst within humans, which the latter fight to keep hidden, while they stay firm on cartoons already drawn that others will try to make undone, such as drawing Virgin Mary giving information on contraception.

Cartoonists are continually walking the plank on the mutineer's ship that is human civilization. It is imperative to stay perceptive and to this end they go all out when off duty.

Cartoonists off duty throw themselves into total chaos.

To highlight the route off logic, Riber Hansson made a water color GPS to set forth and get totally lost. The watercolor was a page in his drawn diary, in which he creates a challenge for himself with each new day.

This way he places himself in a position to be inquisitive, setting up a wonder, in fact an obstacle, to which the brain and pen has to find an answer and as in the case of the GPS the answer incorporates the obstacle, making …

Mary Annunciates

"Last night I was visited by a schizoid pigeon that was trying to decide on my body...

Ha! Someone tell him that this is why I have the emergency anti-conception pill".

It is that time of the year again when before we know it; it shall be The Annunciation.
Only, this year someone is well prepared.
Cintia Bolio encompasses three layers of the Virgin Mary. Her storyline in which she of all knew not to ask: She bent her head and acquiesced, as the Bible will tell us. She now calls the bird schizoid in that it was emotionally and socially unable to take in her NO. This is the very storyline of a rape.
Mary is an intelligent woman with the Book open in her lap. She is sitting on her symbol - the moon - yet when drawn by Cintia Bolio it is a mouth of mega-size. This is about speaking up and having the right to do so.
Mary symbolizes help and support with the heart to understand. She is a trusted figure in a position to tell about a non-invasive solution. 
In fact that pill is the…

Waste Populace Production

The legitimacy of a community is demonstrated by how it cares for its weak and dissenters.

Enter the garbage truck.

In an act of resistance cartooning has made the willful ignoring of a population into a motif.

Doubling up on the action, demonstrating that the ignoring was a willful act in the first instance, cartoonists have introduced said garbage truck to highlight the dirty gassy greasy work of it.

The motif takes on specific detailing in each case, all the more so for spanning continents; the present examples cover three continents and from autocratic and democratic societies alike.

The physical violence of a moral stance is at its most obvious in the oldest of the present examples by Khalid Gueddar. The population is all soft bodies; no faces and as such not exposed in their situation of need all the more in contrast to their perpetrator - or he doing the dirty job on behalf of the state - the Moroccan premier minister. The composition forms an energetic oval, from the head of …

Land of the Unfree

"I might as well just re-use my old cartoons!" 

Such is the outcry of existential despair when a young cartoonist transgresses the threshold to the domain of the seasoned cartoonists. Latterly the turn came to Khalid Albaih, and he like those who went before him and those who shall come after, found of course no consolation in the knowledge that such is the state of things cartoonwise.

The existential despair has a hardening side to it since humankind never changes anyway and so why keep drawing?

And yes, humankind... but that was the reason for taking up the pen in the first place and well, the presence of strong imagery does have an impact as proved by cartoons of a autocratic ruler from almost 200 years ago.

The father of Louis-Philippe, had been guillotined in 1793. Louis-Philippe became king of the French following yet another revolution, the 1830-one, knowing full well what could happen to his own head and yet he found it intoxicating to indulge the rich to his own gai…

"I am from the Internet"

Copenhagen has its very own ICORN / PEN-cartoonist: Khalid Albaih, and I interviewed him not long after his arrival for the Danish online comics magazine Nummer9. The interview in Danish can be read here. The interview is to be read at the Norwegian comics specialist site empirix.nohere as well and soon in Sweden, and so it is high time it can be read in English as well.

The interview is already a few months old and one of the ideas, Khalid expresses, will soon be a reality. Such is his presence. He creates change, wherever he is, and without further ado let us go directly to his own words:

Let us take off in the midst of your joy: You have found your space

The day before yesterday was the first time I was using a public library. I had never been to a library before I began working at the Qatar Museum [Khalid is Head of Installation and Design - Art in Public for the museums in Doha, LCL]. We have a very good library, but it is highly specialized in Islamic art. And we have one in the…
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