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Cameron Cornered

Helle Scheffmann animates her protagonists with a sharpness of timing into each movement, teasing us with the juxtaposition of constancy and change.

On the subject no further words are needed today, only that this post is a test if the video format is working:

ETA since the video link seems to work: Two stills highlighting how subtly Helle uses hands to express in this case self-congratulation and utter satisfaction with a job done by repeating two hand positions as if clapping and rubbing them in one go.

This goes for the background as well. Helle Scheffmann works in layers upon layers, creating a sense of the story leading up to the one scene before us; a subtle take on the EU-flag here with brush strokes of white paint as of a tapestry worn off.

The video is courtesy of Helle Scheffmann and must not be reproduced without her permission.

The Ping Awards 2016

Last night Pingprisen / The Ping Awards celebrated its fifth anniversary (this time around, it is an old award resumed today - and hooray to that!) and host of the evening and co-organizer Felix Rothstein marked the golden evening in style.

The award of special interest to this blog is the one dedicated to the cartoonist of the year, or as it is specified: The drawing journalist of the year, awarded to Thomas Thorhauge.

Thomas has an eye for transforming anything into imagery. His graphical outlines are clear-cut and strong, speaking in mega-formats into which he may incorporate the tiniest details, and usually loads of them, while still making both sing. We as beholders never lose the grand perspective of his picture planes, while digging into the corners of all he is unfolding to us.

The portrait of Ridley Scott is a case in point, a cover for the weekly film section of Politiken. Which title incidentally Thomas lets fade out beyond the milky way and the red dot of Mars, which in t…

Syrian Club Champions

Some go clubbing in the weekends; others are clubbing all week.

Riber Hansson creates scenes on Syria with its hooligans glossed in highlights as if coated in a thick varnish. The smoothness gives an air of imagery from the fairy tales of our childhood.

Riber is taking the tales back to the dark rotten depths from where they rightly stem for us all to be told anew.

The cartoon shown is courtesy of Riber Hansson and must not be reproduced without his permission.

The Fine Art of Dermacartooning

On Facebook Riber Hansson has questioned Putin's preference for stripping off to strut his nudity for the world to see. What is left to the cartoonists, when their position as the child in The Emperor's New Clothes is lost to them?  Is it even legal to put cartoonists in such a situation, Riber asked teasingly?

Before us, we have a fight on FORM.

Putin is attempting to appear nude, re-formed as it is, in a "balanced, prosperous and confident body: The body re-formed" to quote Kenneth Clark and his 1956-study "of ideal art": The Nude. To paraphrase Dr. Clark, we are not meant to judge a half-naked Putin as a living organism; he intends us to see him as a piece of design. His body as an art form.

For that very reason, he is keeping the cartoonists busy.

Putin's being naked is exposed as just another means of dressing up to show off. To stay with Clark, the cartoonists keep pointing to the fact that he is naked, not nude. While Putin is attempting at hero…

"The drawing must be Imagined"

Meïr Goldschmidt, the editor of Corsaren was a constant source of irritation to the Danish autocratic king and in 1844 Goldschmidt was sentenced to 24 days of imprisonment, which brought him recognition as a forerunner in the pursuit of democracy.

His speech defense in court was printed in Corsaren (No, 193, May 24, 1844) of which the central part is to be read below, as per usual my English translation is in italics. Goldschmidt undressed the law on freedom of printed matter by stating how satire cannot be judged by what is implied, only what is actually there - which would of course be impossible since satire never actually states, it implies.

Goldschmidt was furthermore censored for life, a sentence, which was annulled five years later and thereby highlighting the ridiculous tap-dancing of the autocratic rule to retain power, when the Constitution was in place and democracy an actual thing, to paraphrase his juxtaposition. The Danish Constitution celebrates its 167th anniversary t…
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