The Censorship of the Free Word

From not being allowed to speak up to realizing that once free, there is no such thing as a right to be heard. 

The shock is unanimous from cartoonists who have found themselves in new and now unrestrained circumstances only to have to struggle with a new type of censorship. They have been the most eloquent on the problem all too well known to their colleagues in the West: The economic censorship. Their anger at how it is next to impossible to get heard when exposed to a market that is regulated by what is profitable. 

The struggling one is thus without tongue clawing in vain atop a geometry of impossibility. The proletariat of the creative mind to whom none of his lines that indicate movement work together; nothing comes from his attempts. As opposed to cigar fumes serpentining in unison with the cables transmitting The Voice. The amount of air time in a democracy may all in all be found to equal that of a dictatorial regime. 

Quod est demonstrandum by the means of a single cartoon exposing the factors, their interaction and the result thereof:

Hallain Paluku, January 31, 2015.
- The freedom of expression is a fundamental right...
- to variable geometry!

The cartoon shown is courtesy of Hallain Paluku and must not be reproduced without his permission.

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